Bryan Harrelson

Naked Yoga for Men

Naked Yoga

The number 1 reason that people give me for not wanting to do yoga naked is that they don't want someone's butt their face.  So let me first assure you that I never do the butt in the face pose. :) When people say this I think they really want to know how sexual is Naked Yoga and how close do we get to one another?

In my classes there is no hand to genital or genital to genital contact.  However, I don't want to deny that there is a sensual element.  Get a bunch of mostly gay men together, take off all of their clothes, have them work up a sweat moving around in their bodies and it's only natural.  And should someone who you are attracted to show up, well that ups the ante.  Which brings me to the second most frequently asked question: Do people get erections?

For the most part people do not get erections.  First and foremost, this is a yoga class and you will be working hard.  Most people find that they are hyper-aware of the nudity at first, but as the practice begins they forget about it.  It's similar to skinny dipping.  However, on occasion an erection will arise.  :)  Erections are perfectly normal and natural.  Some of us are taught to be ashamed of our bodies.  Naked yoga offers us a safe environment to confront these feeling of shame.  You will not be laughed at or made fun if you get erection.  Ultimately I want people to be happy and proud of their erections.  One day there will be no more.

Having been a part of the Naked Yoga Community for over 2 years now I find that people come for several different reasons.  Some people come to face their fears over negative body image or penis size while some just enjoy being naked.  I like the idea of examining the difference between nudity and sex.  Being nude and having sex are 2 different things.

To me the best thing about the naked community is the community.  Classes tend to attract all different types of men.  All different ages, shapes and sizes.  I find that once the clothes come off social boundaries are broken and people who normally wouldn't speak find themselves in conversation. In an effort to build this community your first class is always free.  Bring a friend to his first class and both of you get in for free.  And after class on the final Tuesday of the month we all go out to dinner.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or contact me through this website.